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Cutting problems and their frequency of occurrence

When the high-speed cutter is working perfectly and operated correctly most cutting problems arise in connection with the knife.
The most common knives (HSS, carbide-tipped knives and finest grain), and the relevant grinding angles allow to deal with most of the available
cutting materials.
Cutting results which are all the same beyond the desired tolerances require special knife angles and the matching knife qualities. A correctly adjusted clamping pressure and the proper cutting stick also have a highly positive influence on the cutting quality.

Share Subject Explanation
70% Knife Wrong knife angle, or knife quality does not fit the material to be cut
14% Paper and other
materials to be cut

Continuous advancement of papers (paper coating) for improved printability.
This requires experience with constantly changing applications (knife angle,
knife qualities, height compensation when clamping the paper). Special cutting

6% Climate

Climate-related faults in finishing, such as stress within the material to be cut
which have uncontrollable consequences for the measurements
(humidity/temperature; as a rule of thumb, a 10 % change in humidity results
in a 0.1% deformation of the material to be cut)

4% Modified production

Shortest job cycle times. Poorly dried run. This makes finishing much more difficult.

3% Lay guide from printing
Lay guide of paper

Development of machine features for production management and support

2% Instruction and training
of machine staff

Cutting training courses where operators learn to understand the practice
oriented application of machine functions, such as the proper clamping
pressure adjustment, backgauge compensation, cut correction, difference of
positions etc. for improving both product and production

2% Professional service

Proper installation of the machine (angled position, general machine geometry),
production supporting service with advice for application

Cutting problems also arise frequently in connection with the materials to be cut some of the reasons being
that the paper contains a higher amount of fillers that make cutting more difficult.

Fig: Paper with a 42 % share of corundum (48.5 g/m2)

The next blog articles will concentrate on these cutting problems and how POLAR-Mohr can support you.

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