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Universal carbide-tipped knife 176

Universal carbide-tipped knives for Polar 176
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Universal carbide-tipped knife 176 for POLAR models: EM/EMC2/EMC/MON/E/ED/ES/XS/X/XT/N.... more
Product information "Universal carbide-tipped knife 176"

Universal carbide-tipped knife 176 for POLAR models: EM/EMC2/EMC/MON/E/ED/ES/XS/X/XT/N.

Technical details:
No. of holes: 36
Quantity of hole lines: 2
Maximum grind off/mm: 18
Knife angles for HSS knives: 21°/ 25°

Delivery incl. wooden knife case

Universal knives can be used for knife change systems on older cutting machine generations (Pleuel adjustment as well as for the most recent cutting machine generations N PLUS and PRO (OptiKnife knife change).

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