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Digicut ECO L Digicut ECO L
Digicut opens up numerous possibilities for the creative processing of single sheets. The laser not only enables the most intricate contours to be cut, but also to be perforated, engraved and grooved - all in a single pass and on a wide...
€45,124.00 *
net price: €38,900.00
Servicepaket 1 Servicepaket 1
(nur Installation, 2 Tage) : 1.800 € exkl. Anreise und Hotel
€2,088.00 *
net price: €1,800.00
Servicepaket 2 Servicepaket 2
(Installation und Schulung, 4 Tage) : exkl. Anreise und Hotel
€4,176.00 *
net price: €3,600.00