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Working ergonomically with POLAR Mohr

The improvement of ergonomics at the workplace has been a significant focus of companies for decades. Ergonomics is the optimization of working conditions to prevent damage to the person performing the activity. An ergonomic improvement of the workplace not only increases motivation but also reduces downtime.

Companies pay special attention to the spatial arrangement of switches for controlling technical aids, also known as man-machine interfaces.

POLAR Mohr makes its contribution to improving ergonomics in postpress. On the one hand, with the specially developed loading aid EasyLoad, systems for automation, but also with ergonomically arranged switches and other small helpers.

These include, for example, the ergo-floor-mat, available in the MOHR shop. The cushioning property of the mat protects the spine and reduces the operator's fatigue. 

Also, the extremely gliding table surfaces of POLAR Mohr machines enable the ergonomic transport of material. MOHR shop offers the unique care product Protektopur® and replacement air nozzles to maintain excellent gliding attributes.

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