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Regular cleaning and care of machine tables

Routine machine maintenance not only includes regular inspections of the oil level and lubricating the guides, but also servicing the machine tables and conveyor line elements. Over time dirt and grime can build up which can not only cause the material being cut to become soiled, but can also diminish the gliding properties.

PROTEKTOPUR® provides a special cleaning and maintenance agent for regular treatment of these surfaces. The milky looking liquid is thinly applied using a lint-free cloth which forms a protective barrier by leaving a fine, greaseless, microscopic film on the surface. This film has long-lasting anti-static, dust, dirt, and moisture repellent effects. Surfaces treated with PROTEKTOPUR® become less resistant, allowing materials to glide over them easier and with considerably less effort. This simultaneously protects the table surfaces from outside influences, and guarantees its longevity.

PROTEKTOPUR® is not only meant to be used on metallic surfaces, as it is also excellent for using in the care of other hard surfaces.

POLAR would like to point out that use of commercially available silicone sprays can lead to flash fires.  In one such known case, an operator received burns to his face. Therefore POLAR warns against the use of commercially available silicone sprays and recommends  PROTEKTOPUR®.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Effects are long lasting making it very economical to use
  • Reduces maintenance requirements, by simultaneously cleaning and protecting the surface.
  • Harmless to the user as it is not combustible and thereby presents no danger of fire.
  • The milky liquid does not evaporate and does not generate dangerous gases, such as aerosols
  • Increases gliding properties without making the surfaces greasy


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