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Climate and paper

Did you know that one ton of paper (appr. 2000 lbs) may contain up to 100 litres (appr. 26,5 gallons) of water? Paper is a natural substance which may absorb water and also release it. Quite a number of binderies and bindery departments have experienced that...

During printing and further processing under the worst conditions a sheet may shrink or stretch by milimetres. For that reason air conditioning is not only essential in the press-room but in the whole plant. If the paper is processed outside of the printing shop you still need a uniform humidity.

Here are a few hints on how to avoid register deviations, doubling, wrinkling and cutting differences when handling paper:

  1. Have the paper delivered ahead of processing in order to have it acclimatised to the temperature and humidity in your plant. Optimalvalues of humidity: uncoated paper 45-50%, coated paper 50-55% and cardboard 55-60%. Acclimatisations time 2 to 3 days.
  2. Dry paper tends to develop a lot of dust.
  3. Avoid processing paper which has the grain running in different directions in the same pile.
  4. Consider appropiate wrapping. Picture 1 shows a wavy pile as the cover is not rigid enough and the bands have been tightened too much.
  5. Use correct size palettes. Even when storing the piles for a short time, the palettes have to be big enough. Picture 2 shows how the pile distorts on a small palette.
  6. Never store paper next to open doors and never expose it to direct sunlight (Picture 3).
  7. The reams should always be stacked correctly and neatly and not as shown as in picture 4.



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