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If the temperature and humidity is not quite perfect in your plant, you might be punished with wrinkly and wavy paper. How can you get rid of uneven surfaces and unpleasant pressure marks on your cutting material?
Original POLAR knives [blades] are specifically produced to meet the high demands at your MOHR and POLAR cutting machine and to deliver the best possible cutting results.
Routine machine maintenance not only includes regular inspections of the oil level and lubricating the guides, but also servicing the machine tables and conveyor line elements.
The cutting stick is the counter cutting tool of the machine knife and should be made of a material which is tough, but not too hard. If the material is too soft...
The correct cutting angle and suitable knife quality determine to a large extent the cutting quality and economical operation of the high-speed cutter.
Companies pay special attention to the spatial arrangement of switches for controlling technical aids, also known as man-machine interfaces. POLAR Mohr makes its contribution to improving ergonomics in postpress.